20 MPH

We strongly feel that the RBKC Council should introduce a 20 MPH borough-wide limit excluding certain main roads.

There is huge amounts of evidence, including from the British Medical Journal and Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, that 20 MPH limits and zones can significantly reduce the amount of Londoners who are killed or maimed in road traffic accidents on our streets.

It is, therefore, equally clear that a 20 MPH limit for the borough would do a huge amount to making residents feel safer cycling and increase cycling rates in the borough.

Camden, Islington, Hackney, Southwark and the City of London all have a borough-wide 20 MPH limit or a significant majority of roads at 20 MPH. It is no surprise that these boroughs also ‘coincidentally’ have higher rates of cycling than the 30 MPH Royal Borough.

Even our neighbours in Hammersmith and Fulham have significant areas of 20 MPH on dense residential streets and around schools.

Far from instituting a borough-wide limit, our current council led by Nicholas Paget-Brown (with Timothy Coleridge responsible for Transport) will not even consult residents on their right to have 20 MPH limits outside schools and along routes where kids can cycle or walk to school. We feel this is abominable and would like to see the Council change its position or the councillors changed at the 2014 elections.

60% of households in the Royal Borough are now car-free. In maintaining a 30 MPH default limit against the advice of the Mayor’s Roads Task Force, the current RBKC Council is privileging the convenience of the minority of residents who choose to drive at 30 MPH on residential streets where it is dangerous to do so, over the safety and lives of the majority of residents who choose to walk or cycle as part of their daily journeys. That isn’t a democracy. And, far more tragically, it continually results in a needless loss of life and suppression of cycling levels.

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