Grid response for K&C

After much debate over the last month or so the K&C LCC group had some to an official response to the LCC grid proposal for our borough. This is what we are sending to both TLF and Kensington and Chelsea as a part of the feedback process

Overall Feedback

We are grateful to Kensington and Chelsea along with TFL for the cycling grid plans. Overall there is a lot of potential for the cycling grid to deliver a much safer and more pleasant experience for all road users. It is slightly dissapointing that our neighbour borough in the grid has outshone Kensington and Chelsea in their proposal. Whilst Westminster have produced a 50 page document to give a background to their proposal, choices for routes and their vision; Kensington and Chelsea have given a 7 paragraph piece of text on their website and linked to the tfl grid information. As it stands, many of the proposed routes currently do not link up with any cycle route in hammersmith and fulham, leaving us hoping that there will be routes joining up to our neighbour boroughs rather than ending abruptly (and not being used for that reason).

Kensington and Chelsea have decided to self-impose a restrinction of their grid design to that of only quietways, leaving a clear lack of east-west routes that would be able to cope with the large numbers of commuters through the borough. We believe leaving out Cycle Superhighway 9 has likely ruined the grid as a whole for any cyclist wishing to travel between central london and west london. A separate cycle lane along one of the main roads is needed to facilitate east-west travel.

The south east of Kensington and Chelsea is well covered by the grid, which we are pleased with. However, there is a need for a route through Brompton. More pressingly though, is a need for a high quality route along the embankment. The idea of the grid is to allow cyclists to pass throughout London, following this it is expected that each bridge should be covered as well as points adjoining them.

We believe the feedback given in this document to be a realistic critique to the current grid, and hope that it will aid in adjusting the current plans to make them a worthwhile investments in our streets.

Stressing East-West Need

We would like to highlight that east-west travel is essential for those who live in our borough and those who commute though it. Current suggestions don’t join up with hammersmith and fulham which we hope will be rectified either in either borough. In addition to CS9 we suggest that Holland Park Avenue – Notting Hill Gate – Bayswater road is another option. We see no justification for Kensington and Chelsea’s self-imposed restriction to quiet ways.

Finally, we hope that all grid plans are well integrated with Hammersmith and Fulham, as it stands none of the grid links up to current routes into this borough which is worrying to say the least.

Route Specific Feedback

K&C Grid

Route 1: Westbourne Park Rd – Cornwall Crescent – Clarendon Rd

A: St. Marks Rd

  • Serves Thomas Jones Primary school
  • Issues: Does not link up with any current cycle route

B: Clarendon Rd + Lansdowne Mews – Lansdowne Rd

  • Regularly used roads for cyclists and covers cyclehire point
  • Issues – Ends on Holland Park Avenue without a route going along this road

C: Portland Rd – Walmer Rd – Princedale Rd – Queensdale Rd – Norland Sq x Holland Park Ave x Abbotsbury Rd – Melbury Rd

  • Also regularly used road
  • Currently this route or the alernative suggestion do not link up with any current cycle route

Route 2: Studio Walk – Palace Ave – York House Pl x Kensington Church St x – Holland St – Duchess of Bedford’s Walk

  • We expect this route to be two way for its entirety, also current barriers to the exit of kensington gardens should be removed to make it a comfortable and chosen route.
  • Narrower streets (especially around church st) are going to be difficult to manage – currently if a large vehicle is on the street they are impassible, space for both cyclists and pedestrians needs to be considered
  • Success of route will depend on quality of route – how well will throughtraffic and parking be removed
  • Concern over whether people will choose to use this route and whether it will be able to cope with number of cyclists that pass east to west.
  • Assume this route takes you through Holland Park, but as with route 1:C does not lead to another route afterwards.

Route 3: x Bayswater Rd x Kensington Palace Gardens x Kensington High St x Road leading to Kensington Ct – Kensington Ct – Kensington Ct Pl – St Albans Grove – Victoria Grove – Lauceston Pl

  • Useful North south link
  • Intervention crossing Bayswater rd and that of Kensintington High St will need to be of high quality

A: Cornwall Gardens – Queen’s Gate Gardens – Queen’s Gate Pl

  • Does not link to Imperial College Rd, or Prince Consort Rd could have served Imperial College, Royal College of Music
  • Need to manage entry onto Queen’s Gate, fast traffic and aggresive road
  • Does not link up with any other current route

B: Lauceston Pl – Grenville Pl x Cromwell Rd x Ashburn Pl

  • Useful linker to route 4

C: Cornwall Gardens – linkers – Lexham Gardens x Pembroke Rd x Logan Pl – Cornwall Crescent – Cromwell Rd

  • Cromwell rd has the potential to be useful if done at high quality, if not it has the likelihood to be very dangerous
  • Route does not carry on to any current route, it is our hope that this would be linked up by another high quality and segregated route from hammersmith and fulham.

Route 4: Earls Court Sq x Earls Court Rd x Bramham Gardens – Collingham Gardens – Harringston Gardens – Stanhope Gardens – Harringston Rd – Thurloe Pl

  • Generally a well-placed route, success will depend on the route being well thoughtout.
  • Route appears to start on Warwick Rd, for crossing Earls Court Rd – high quality crossing required, the current configuration for crossing Earls Court Rd needs a definite rework.

A: Collingham Gardens x Old Brompton Rd x

  • Does not link up with current north-south route along Drayton Gardens – Vale St.
  • Potentially a useful route if new routes in hammersmith and fulham are well placed and joins up, currently does not connect with any route.

Route 5: Exhibition Rd x Cromwell Rd x Exhibition Rd – Thurloe St

  • Exhibition road looks a lot more pleasant but is a frightening experience for cyclists. Current 20 mph is ignored and problems with being cutt off at the roundabout junction. Hard to take the lane where there is no lane marking, frankly drivers don’t seem to slow down in this unusual environment as they have done in smaller towns implementing this throughout.
  • Crossing Cromwell Rd there is still confusion with drivers heading south thinking that it is one way, this will need to be rectified and space given to cyclists.

Route 6: Reece Mews + Bute St – Sumner Pl x Fulham Rd x Dovehouse St x King’s Rd x Oakley St x Chelsea Embankment

  • Dovehouse St is of particular concern for lack of space for cyclists, currently at the south side cyclists are already being pinched for space, will this be cut off with bollards or the parking taken out?

Broadwalk in Kensington Gardens

  • This route does not connect with any cycle route at the north or the south, leading us to question why is included.

2 thoughts on “Grid response for K&C

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  2. Route 4 as discussed above touches on an aspect of the grid which is wholly absent; a proper north/south route along Warwick Road and Earl’s Court Road. Warwick Road could easily take a full cycle lane. The current ‘crossing’ on Warwick Road requires a cyclist traveling west to east or north to use the right-hand lane of a 3 lane road; as the lights are currently timed a cyclist starting from Eardley Crescent will be overtaken just after the tube station. Motorists view the right-hand lane as an overtaking lane and are regularly very aggressive here. The road layout here is extremely unsafe, and there is little cycling in this area. There isn’t a safe northbound route in this area at all. The Grid is an opportunity to change this and make cycling safer, and encourage cycling, in this area. This opportunity is in danger of being missed.

    Further, in this area, The Grid has not taken into account the Earl’s Court redevelopment. The latest pictures from the developers show Warwick Road as a two-way road with dedicated cycle provision – doubtless to support the consultation documents suggesting there will be significant cycle use by the new residents. Currently, this is a misleading fantasy. No novice cyclist is going to take on Warwick Road as it is – and TFL haven’t indicated an end to the one-way system.

    More work needed urgently in this area.

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